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Mole control Kidderminster

Kidderminster Mole Catcher

European Mole, Talpa europaea.

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Kidderminster Mole Control,

Most of my Mole Catching work is carried out using the Duffus half barrel mole trap.This trap has been used for many years and is proven to be a safe and  humane trap when controlling Moles


This mole hill measures more than 1 metre in diameter and is about 3/4 of a metre high. Moles can cause a lot of damage if they decide to dig in the wrong area

Book with Confidence, Tel;01562 746951 Mob;07988 490141.

Kidderminster Mole Catcher is Local to Kidderminster and provides a Traditional Mole control service.

About Moles

Qualified Mole Catcher
Mole catching
Mole Damage

Moles ( Talpa Europaea) can cause an enormous amount of damage to gardens, sports fields and on farms if left uncontrolled. I provide a Professional and Cost effective Mole trapping service in Kidderminster and the west Midlands.

I trap moles by traditional methods and can offer you an efficient and effective service.

I only ever use traps, (no poisons, no toxic gasses or underground explosions), making my service an environmentally friendly and humane method of control.


My fee's are charged on a 'No Catch No Fee'                      

     basis, so if I dont catch your Mole you

     dont pay me anything

All work is fully insured for Public liability


 My services are offered to:

    Domestic gardens

    Golf courses



    Sports fields

    Recreational area's

    And more........



I am a full member of The Guild of British Mole Catchers and have attained a level 3 accreditation ( Advanced). I did my formal training with Jeff Nicolls who is arguably the countrys leading authority on Mole catching, and has written several books on the subject.

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